PRODUCTION OF YOUR DIMENSION WORK: tailored lumbar states, custom abdominal belts, custom orthopaedic corsets and all your other custom bandages.

PRODUCTION IN SERIES OF YOUR BANDAGES AND PARTS to differentiate you in the market: velcro strips – foot straps – pelvic straps – leg straps – arm abduction slings – pelvic belts – knee immobilizers – ice bags – hip bandages …


Of course, as an orthopaedic provider you know your patient and his/her needs best. In order to make the communication with our workshop as smooth as possible and to save valuable time, we ask you to take into account the following measurement instructions (based on our dimension sheet) and to fill in the dimension sheet as completely as possible.

BMC Maatblad


  • A – A’ : circumference of the lower ribs (so that the lumbar state does not end up under the ribs when seated).
  • B – B’ : circumference of the waist; the narrowest part of the upper part of the body; in principle at the navel
  • C – C’ : circumference to the hip crest
  • D – D’ : circumference in relation to the widest part of the seat.

Back height :

  • E – F : upper side (at the level of lower shoulder blades or women’s bra strap) to waistline
  • F – G : waist to bottom (always up to 2 fingers above seat line)
  • E – G : total back height

Height abdomen :

  • H – I : upper side to floating ribs to waistline
  • I – J : waist to pubis/pubis without discomfort in the groin while sitting
  • H – J : total height of the abdomen

Points of attention for :

  • Drivers : leave it at the “pass” to avoid disturbance in the groin and on the lower ribs.
    Elderly ladies : often a lack of abdominal muscles; therefore, insist not to always wear the lumbo state in order not to make the abdominal muscles lazy.


  1. Cover
  2. Lining (slightly lighter cotton corset fabric)
  3. Elastic (women’s, jersey or tulle)
  4. Sergé
  5. Tie Tie
  6. Boning & Spiral Boning
  7. Belts & buckles or velcro buckles & passers-by
  8. Abdominal piece (cover, lining & mousse)
  9. Elastic at the hem, middle lint
  10. Washing instructions label
  11. Customer Label
  12. Yarn